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Please be honest... this helps us identify marketing that works.  If you saw on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. let us know.  Especially someone referred you ... they get a free InBody screen with their referral.
The 7 Aspects to Workout Program Design

When we build new programs at Sand & Steel we design it to have a primary and secondary focus.  To help us pick the optimal program for you, please rank the following workout program aspects in terms of importance to you.

7 means primary focus, and a 1 means not important.  There are 7 questions to the next section, please use each number once (e.g. don't put 7 for everything :-) )
Hypertrophy Focus

Emphasis on muscle volume development e.g. Bodybuilding style programming.
Strength Emphasis

E.g. Power Lifting or Functional Strength Training
Weight Loss

Some of our programs are designed to burn fat -- pure and simple.  Bring the Sweat.
Mobility and Flexibility

Build the requisite flexibility and neurological control (coordination) to enable specific joints and muscles to perform a specific exercise correctly.
Conditioning and General Physical Preparedness

Build the capacity to do workout or athletic activity that comes in your way.  Last longer playing tennis, ski that extra run at 4:00PM, and generally have more energy for every day tasks.  Conditioning builds willpower and the ability to keep going when others quit.
Sports Specific Training and Durability

Elevate your golf and tennis game, dominate your next hike, out ski your friends in Vail.  Whatever your game, we can make you better and more resistant to injury.
Corrective Exercise and Recovery

Have an injury or two?  That's OK!  

If you are already in pain, we can help by providing you with the corrective exercises to strengthen the biomechanical weaknesses causing your pain.

If you are not in pain, but you are susceptible to injury (e.g. bulging discs, rotator cuff injury, history of pulling hamstrings, etc) we can analyze your movement patterns, and build muscle to strength weaker areas to improve your resistance to re-injury.
Training Information

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Whew!  Half-way through!  Just a few more questions on your personal preferences and health history to go.

Workout Programming Preferences

We specialize in matching the right program to the right client.  To do that effectively, we need to know what you like and what you don't like.
Which Services Interest You?

If you are not familiar with a service and would like to learn about it during your gym tour, just check the box.

How Frequently would like to train at Sand & Steel?

You aren't locked into a frequency, this is just a ballpark number.

My Current Fitness Regime Includes:

Yes, we can build you a program that works with your other fitness programming.

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What brought you Sand & Steel?

How Intense Do you Like to Train?

1 bolt is slow and steady
10 bolts: unleash the fury.  

Keep in mind, we always prioritize safety and correct form even for five bolts.  The below video shows Paul coaching a client who loves to leave it all in the gym -- this is 7-8 bolt intensity.

How Much Variance do you like in your Workouts?

Variance is better for burning calories and conditioning.  For building strength or muscle volume a score of 1 on this chart is optimal.  That said if more variance will help you train harder, we need to consider that... so just pick the item that matches what you really want.

Check one or two boxes that are more important to you

Describe the kind of Programming / Training you are looking for.

We custom create programs to fit our client's goals, injuries, and capabilities.  What are some of the things that you are looking for in your customized program?
Injuries and Corrective Exercises

Whether it's a shoulder injury, back injuries, or just plain terrible flexibility, we can help.  Let us know about your current injuries so we can design the right program for you.

And yes, we are going to test for injuries anyway :-).
Do you have any injuries?

List any surgeries or past injuries you have had even if it was 20 years ago.

Do you have any mobility issues or restrictions in your range of motion/flexibility?

List all sports you currently play and any sports you played in the past (and when)

What areas of your body do you want to look better the most?

Nutrition Questions

What is your Nutrition Preferences

Optional Meal Delivery signup is here:

List all supplements, herbs, over the counter meds, and prescription drugs you are taking.  Next to the item indicate why you are taking it.

Wrapping Up!

Who else are you considering?

Sand & Steel's business model is simple: provide the absolute best, no-comprises personal training possible.  As a business, we need to make this message clear, and knowing which other studios/gyms have caught your attention helps us to improve our training and our marketing.
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