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We have lots of different programming options and prices available!  So we'll ask you a few questions to narrow down your options to just the features that interest you.
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At the end, you'll have a place that you can ask questions put in comments, etc.  Also, you can change your mind about your selections during the quoting process.  The price quote feature does not create a binding contract on either party.
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How Many Personal Training Sessions per month? *

Personal Training sessions are one-hour long and cost $77-$85 per each.

How Many Nutrition Sessions Per Month? *

Nutrition Sessions are one-hour each and cost $80-$85 per session.

How Many Mobility / Flexibility Sessions per month? *

Mobility sessions are one-hour long and cost $85 each.

How many InBody Scans (body composition analysis) do you want per month?

Highly recommended for weight loss clients.  $70 each.

Do you want to include online nutrition in your program?

$29-$49 per month.
Do you want to include online personal training and workouts in your package?

Which answer is closest to your monthly for fitness expenses?

Obviously, a higher budget provides us with more options and better options to provide to you.

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